Golf Courses in Alice Springs, Nothern Territory

Alice Springs, affectionately known as 'The Alice' by locals, has made tremendous advancements from its roots as a telegraph station. Although the town is isolated in the desert, it offers the ideal location to explore the 'Red Centre', the southern desert region of Northern Territory in Australia. West of the town is the stunning Desert Park where plants, animals and Aboriginal artifacts offer an opening in to the curious Australian desert.

Alice Springs certainly has a lot to offer tourists, from the inspirational (excellent museums, a fine wildlife park and outstanding galleries of Indigenous art) to the practical (a wide range of accommodation, some good dining options and travel connections). Alice Springs' golf course has received rave reviews from golfers worldwide for its exclusive appeal mixed with it's refined severity. Accuracy is essential at this golf course with even the boldest golfers having to connect their power and substitute it with carefulness to ensure a safe landing.


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